C0MBINE, formerly Lone Seeker 777, is a Northwest-based artist, rapper, and musician who started back in 2014, writing "I'll Never Forget" for his Junior year talent show under the name Lone Seeker. While the quality of the song has been raised into question since then, he has continued to strive for better rhymes, and aspires to be like his favorite artists.

    After dropping off for a while, in 2016, Lone Seeker was retired and, after dropping his first song under C0MBINE, K1CK IT, he begun pursuing his own goals and kept striving towards self-improvement.


    This led to his first self-produced album, RISE, releasing on all major platforms in 2017, followed by Christian Girl in 2018. Without really taking off, he kept at it until finally, he had a minor success with DUETZ in November of 2019, easily surpassing all previous songs he has made.

Hobbies and Passions

    Spencer Kleine is a musician, graphic designer, and 3D modeller with a tenure of eight years, and a photographer with a tenure of four years. His passions are computers, audio engineering, graphic design, photography, and audio/video.


    He began photography the beginning of his senior year in yearbook. From there, he learned how to work a DSLR, how to use basic composition techniques, and was told to go take pictures. After the semester ended, he dropped yearbook and moved to commercial photography, where he continued his study of proper composition techniques in photography and was able to continue the use of DSLR cameras. Now, he owns one himself and constantly does both personal and commercial photography.

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